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Title: Green supply chain management and organizational performance: a study of Sri Lankan apparel manufacturing organizations
Authors: Herath, P.
Rajumesh, S.
Keywords: Green supply chain management;Sustainability;Organizational performance;Total quality management
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Management Research and Practice Volume 14, Issue 4 / December 2022
Abstract: This study is based on green supply chain management techniques and their impact on organizational performance. The study introduces a novel approach to the Sri Lankan apparel industry and investigates if such practices have any effect on organizational performance. To test GSCM practices impact organizational performance, an online survey was carried out to middle-level managers using a sample size of 125 in the apparel manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka The findings revealed that GSCM procedures have an impact on organizational performance. However, the sub hypothesis produced the opposite effects as predicted. These findings imply that GSCM practices are more likely to have an impact on organizational performance, as evidenced by a substantial impact in multiple regression analysis. The study adds to the scholarly community by examining the influence of GSCM methods on organizational performance in the Sri Lankan apparel and manufacturing industry. This would also provide information into how green manufacturing processes work.
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