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Title: Role of marketing department of University in boosting micro marketers in an unethical business environment.
Authors: Shivany, S.
Ratnam, E.
Sivarajah, K.
Karunanithy, M.
Rajumesh, S.
Sivesan, S.
Sathana, V.
Kumaradeepan, V.
Sivanenthira, S.
Dilogini, K.
Keywords: Marketing department;Micro marketers;Unethical business environment
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Jaffna
Abstract: The Marketing Department in any University has the rights and responsibility to reshape the economic wounds made by the war or conflict in a country. Studies show that unethical marketing environment, which are created by the war should be re-polished by the relevant social institutions. University is a social institution has a broad knowledge and an academic hub to mediate the society and the intellectual brains to get the win-win results for both the society and the academicians. Specially marketing department in a university, is a back born of the business people to explore the marketing related problems and to suggest ideas top resolve the problems. Micro marketers are the people who suffered lot due to war and lost their family heads and started micro marketing activities to fulfil their day to day needs by initiating livelihood income generating activities as micro business. There is no research to explore the role of marketing Department to boost the war affected micro marketers, which significantly contributing to the social and institutional link, and contemporary marketing issues in the micro marketers’ domain. The present study focuses on the qualitative methodology, and the case study approach, data were collected from 02 focus group discussion with the micro marketers and 10 interviews with the staff department of marketing. From the documentary data and the primary data 05 categories were found as the marketing training, market development support, group networking sessions via market exhibitions, mentoring, and securing the marketers from unethical business practices.
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