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Title: Marketing Strategy of SMEs in Post War Market: A Conceptual Framework
Authors: Vaikunthavasan, S.
Velnampy, T.
Rajumesh, S.
Keywords: Marketing Strategy;Post war market;SMEs (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises)
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: TIIKM publishing
Abstract: The reason to produce this paper is to better understanding of why the most of SMEs in Northern Provinces produce poor results and propose a model of marketing strategy for struggling SMEs in the postwar situation, in Sri Lanka. This is a conceptual paper which discuss a new insights of marketing strategic model with considering the factors combined effect of varying degree of challenges on development of SMEs in this postwar environment. This conceptual framework identifies three dimension of strategic alternatives of marketing in post war situation as effective marketing mix based strategies, diversification and green marketing strategy.This conceptualized framework model revealed very practical, realistic and applicable strategic insights of marketing strategic for post war SMEs, instead of recommending any common strategies for organizations. There are vast differences in marketing strategic application between the developed and developing countries. Still Northern Province in Sri Lanka has been sustaining the war wound of local war, there is huge need to develop the marketing strategies to face dynamic, competitive and postwar environment. This marketing strategic framework will contribute some extent to improve the SMEs.
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