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Title: Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Study of Small Scale Entrepreneurs of Srilankan and Bangladesh
Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Study of Small Scale Entrepreneurs of Srilankan and Bangladesh
Authors: Nimalathasan, B.
Nimalathasan, B.
Keywords: Entrepreneurs;Characteristics of Entrepreneurs;Entrepreneurship;Economic Growth;Industrial development
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: People are the most valuable resource within any country. There appears to be a strong linkage between the training, attitudes and goals of people and the level of economic growth within a country. An essential ingredient in the economic growth of any country is the key individual who promotes change and development, these persons may be called entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs are playing a major role in accelerating the pace of economic development the world over by their innovative and creative approach to the process of production and product launching in the market. They have thus helped to guide a new economic order by perception of new opportunities and converting them into profitable ventures. Hence various studies have been done on the above theme, but no studies have been conducted in SriLankan and Bangladesh perspectives, especially in Small Scale Entrepreneurs. Present study is initiated Characteristics of Entrepreneur, as a comparative study of Small Scale Entrepreneurs of SriLankan and Bangladesh with the samples of fifty (50). Factor analysis shows that SriLankan entrepreneurs have characteristics such as seeking opportunity, persistence, commitment to work contract, demand for work quality and efficiency, risk taking, visionary, similarly Bangladeshi entrepreneurs also have above characteristics except visionary.
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