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Title: A Novel Routing Scheme Based on Protection Mechanism to Discover Unconventional Disjoint Path in Adhoc Wireless Networks
Authors: Suthaharan, S
Keywords: Network Protocols;(DSDV) Destination Sequenced Distance Vector;Wireless Network;Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Informatics (IJCII)
Abstract: The performances of the routing protocols are important since they compute the primary path between source and destination. In addition, routing protocols need to detect failure within a short period of time when nodes move to start updating the routing table in order to find a new primary path to the destination. Meantime, loss of packets and end-to- end delays will increase thereby reducing throughput and degrading the performance of the network. This paper proposes a new algorithm, DBRT (Determined Backup Routing Table), to improve the existing proactive protocols such as DSDV (Destination Sequenced Distance Vector) protocol by creating a backup routing table to provide multiple alternative routes. The DBRT algorithm identifies adjacent nodes for each node in the same range and then selects one of these as a backup next hop according to the available path to the destination. The results show that loss of data packets, throughput and end-to-end delay times between source and destination are improved. The results show that the new protocol does not degrade the network’s performance despite sending extra messages to construct and update the new backup routing table. Simulations (using an NS2 simulator) are undertaken to demonstrate the difference between using a DSDV protocol with or without the proposed schema.
ISSN: 2349-6363
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