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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Anthropogenic factors driving recent range expansion of the malaria vector anopheles stephensiSurendran, S.N.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Sivasingham, A.; Jayadas, T.T.P.; Karvannan, K.; Santhirasegaram, S.; Gajapathy, K.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Karunaratne, S.P.; Ramasamy, R.
2019Anthropogenic Factors Driving Recent Range Expansion of the Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensiSurendran, S.N.; Kokila, S.; Arthiyan, S.; Jayadas, T.P.P.; Karvannan, K.; Sharanga, S.; Gajapathy, K.; Meena, S.; Parakrma Karunaratne, S.H.P.; Ranjan, R.
2019Susceptibility to common insecticides and detoxifying enzyme activities in Anopheles sundaicus (sensu lato) after cessation of indoor residual spraying of insecticides in the Jaffna Peninsula and its surroundings in northern Sri LankaKokila, S.; Weerarathne, T.C.; Thileepan, A.; Parakrama Karunaratne, S.H.P.; Ramasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2013Molecular characterization and identification of members of the Anopheles subpictus complex in Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Sarma, D.K; Jude, P.J; Kemppainen, P; Kanthakumaran, N; Gajapathy, K; Peiris, L.B; Ramasamy, R; Walton, C
2000Anopheles culicifacies Y-chromosome dimorphism indicates sibling species (b and e) with different malaria vector potential in Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Abhayawardana, T.A; De Silva, B.G.D.N.K; Ramasamy, R; Ramasamy, M.S
2010The anopheles culicifacies and an. subpictus species complexes in Sri Lanka and their implications for Malaria control in the countrySurendran, S.N.; Ramasamy, R
2005-06Some characteristics of the larval breeding sites of Anopheles culicifacies species B and E in Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Ramasamy, R
2010The Anopheles culicifacies and An subpictus species complexes in Sri Lanka and their implications for malaria control in the countrySurendran, S.N.; Ramasamy, R.
2015Karyotypic assignment of Sri Lankan Anopheles culicifacies species B and E does not correlate with cytochrome oxidase subunit I and microsatellite genotypesSurendran, S.N.; Truelove, N.; Sarma, D.K.; Jude, P.J.; Ramasamy4, R.; Gajapathy, K.; Peiris, L.B.S.; Parakrama Karunaratne, S.H.P.; Walton, C.
2016Mosquito vectors developing in atypical anthropogenic habitats: Global overview of recent observations, mechanisms and impact on disease transmissionRamasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.