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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Aftermath Of Social Media On Purchasing Behavior Of Youths In Jaffna, Sri LankaKumaradeepan, V.
2022Effectiveness of Social Media on Purchase Intention: Women Led SMEs In Northern Province Of Sri LankaKumaradeepan, V.
2020Evaluation of consumer attitudes towards purchase intention on women’s skincare products in sri lanka: Special reference to anuradhapura districtSenavirathne, T. N.; Kumaradeepan, V.
2014Factors Attracted New Businesses Towards Jaffna District - A Study on Post War PerspectivesArchchutha, T.; Kumaradeepan, V.; Karunanithy, M.
2023Impact of Customer Relationship Practices on Customer Satisfaction in SMEs in Jaffna district during pandemic conditionKumaradeepan, V.
2016Impact of on customer satisfaction: special reference to leading super markets in jaffna districtKumaradeepan, V.; Pathmini, M.G.S.
2019Impact of privacy risk on facebook fan page loyalty: empirical study of facebook usersSudarshana, S.A.; Kumaradeepan, V.
2015Role of marketing department of University in boosting micro marketers in an unethical business environment.Shivany, S.; Ratnam, E.; Sivarajah, K.; Karunanithy, M.; Rajumesh, S.; Sivesan, S.; Sathana, V.; Kumaradeepan, V.; Sivanenthira, S.; Dilogini, K.
2020Social media advertising as strategy on consumer buying behaviour: conceptual paperKumaradeepan, V.
2014Sports as a tool for improving their academic performance for the university entrance study on first year faculty of management studies and commerce students, university of jaffnaThevananth, J.; Kumaradeepan, V.
2022Usage of social media usage and customer satisfaction among state bank customers in Sri LankaKumaradeepan, V.