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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Voice controlled automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometerMirudula, S.; Jeyaram, S.; Loheeswaran, S.
2022Natural dyes extracted from Catharanthus flower petals for dye-sensitized solar cells applicationSenevirathna, H.M.C.U.
2022Influence of post-annealing temperature on the properties of thermally evaporated CuI thin filmGunasekara, M.S.S.; Thivakarasarma, T.; Dhayalan, V.; Ravirajan, P.
2022Optical and Electronic properties of greener synthesized colloidal semiconducting CdS nanoparticlesSuvanya, A.; Niluja, S.; Elilan, Y.; Shivatharsiny, Y.
2022Electrical conductivity study across the Carbon nanotube (CNT)-gold Schottky junctionDisagini, J.; Thanihaichelvan, M.
2022Mechanical exfoliation of graphene from Sri Lankan vein graphite for field effect transistor applicationJoy Karunya, M.; Thanihaichelvan, M.
2022Comparison of Li+ and Na+ alkali-cations on the ionic transport properties of solid-polymer electrolytes intended for secondary batteriesDassanayake, D.H.K.T.; Jayamaha, J.H.T.B.; Jathushan, V.; Vignarooban, K.
2022Synthesis and characterization of poly (vinyl alcohol) based aluminum-ion conducting solid-polymer electrolytesViduranga, M.H.; Kajani, M.; Jayamaha, J.H.T.B.; Jathushan, V.; Vignarooban, K.
2022Palmyrah kernel shell derived hard carbon as an anode material for secondary sodium-ion batteriesSankhani, J.; Velauthamurty, K.; Vignarooban, K.; Sashikesh, G.
2022Projected changes in temperature and rainfall pattern over Jaffna peninsula in Sri LankaTharsika, Y.; Thevakaran, A.
2022Effect of ceria and yttria stabilizers on hydrothermal ageing resistance of two step sintered zirconia ceramicsSubasingha, G.B.S.; Ng, C.K.; Ramesh, S.; Sutharsini, U.
2022Effect of two step sintering profile on hydrothermal ageing resistance of tetragonal zirconia ceramicsNilogini, S.; Praveena, S.; Ng, C.K.; Ramesh, S.; Sutharsini, U.
2022Health issues from the exposure of the radiation from Telecommunication base stations: A case study from Ampara, Sri LankaPriyanka, U.; Pathmathas, T.
2022Lead-free, low-cost radiation shielding material for clinical electron beam radiotherapyJayamaha, J. M. D. D. N.; Pathmathas, T.; Ramalingam, A.
2022Optical simulation of hemispherical silicon nanostructure for silicon solar cellsVibra, G.; Sivasubramaniam, S.
2022Optical simulation of one-dimensional silicon gratings for silicon solar cellsVenushiya, A.; Senthuran, S.
2022Antimicrobial potentials of mangrove plants Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata against selected fungal and bacterial species.Rajasiri, A.M.P.; Krishnapillai, N.; Sathyaruban, S.
2022Antifungal activity of Zingiber officinale against selected fungiLakshani, B.H.M.H.; Ravimannan, N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18