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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An Improved Method to Detect Shoreline Changes inSmall-Scale Beaches Using Google Earth ProWarnasuriyaa, T.W.S.; Kumara, M.P.; Gunasekara, S.S.; Gunaalan, K.; Jayathilaka, R.M.R.M.
2022Floating Microplastics in Northern Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka: Quanti cation and Characterization by FTIRShobiya, G.; Sivashanthini, K.; Einar, G.B.; Deeptha, A.
2022A study on mass accumulation of macrophytes in Northern and Eastern coast of SrilankaThapeetha, Y.; Saruga, K.; Uventhikka, S.; Sivagini, K.; Ragavan, N.; Nahmagal, K.; Shobiya, P.; Khalingarajah, H.; Sivashanthini, K.; Sutharshiny, S.
2022First Report of Leaf Spot Disease of Philodendron hastatum, an Ornamental Plant in SriLankaNawananda, P.H.R.S.; Mahendranathan, C.; Emmanuel, C. J.
2022Antimicrobial potentials of mangrove plants Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata against selected fungal and bacterial species.Rajasiri, A.M.P.; Krishnapillai, N.; Sathyaruban, S.
2022Physico-chemical properties as a tool for monitoring marine water quality in selected coastal beaches of Northern Sri LankaShobiya, G.; Sivashanthini, K.; Grøsvik, B.E.
2022Grouping the Potential Local Feed Ingredients for Ornamental Fish Feed based on their Nutrient Composition, Cost, and AvailabilitySutharshiny, S.; Deepthi Inoka, U.; Sivashanthini, K.; Harichandra, K.; Partheepan, T.
2022Abundance and distribution of microplastics in surface waters of the Kattegat/ Skagerrak (Denmark)Gunaalan, K.; Almeda, R.; Lorenz, C.; Vianello, A.; Iordachescu, L.; Papacharalampos, K.; Rohde Kiar, C.; Vollersten, J.; Nielsen, T.G.
2018Google Earth: A New Resource for Shoreline Change Estimation—Case Study from Jaffna Peninsula, Sri LankaWarnasuriya, T. W. S.; Gunaalan, K.; Gunasekara, S. S.
2020Keeping fish as pets: perceptions from fish owners in nallur, jaffna, sri lankaGobiraj, R.; Shobiya, P.; Sivashanthini, K.
2006Impact of post - tsunami rehabilitation activities on selective fishing in the Northern coast of Jaffna peninsulaKugathas, S.; Sivatharshan, Y.; Sivashanthini, K.
2015An overview of a water quality monitoring in water supply scheme: a case study on iron present in groundwater wells in vallipuram, jaffnaSaravanan, S.; Thushyanthy, M.; Gunaalan, K.
2021The status of the coral reefs of the jaffna peninsula (northern sri lanka), with 36 coral species new to sri lanka confirmed by dna bar-codingArulananthan, A.; Herath, V.; Kuganathan, S.; Upasanta, A.; Harishchandra, A.
2018Length-Weight Relationships of Four Different Sea Cucumber Species in North-East Coastal Region of Sri LankaVeronika, K.; Edrisinghe, U.; Sivashanthini, K.; Athauda, A.R.S.B.
2014The status of diversity and species composition of crabs in navanthurai coastal area in jaffna peninsula of sri lankaTharmine, N.; Edrisinghe, U.; Sivashanthini, K.
2021Length-Weight Relationships and Growth Patterns of Local Fishes of the Medium Perennial Vavuniya Reservoir, Sri LankaPatrick, A.E.S.; Kuganathan, S.; Edirisinghe, U.
2021Status of the fishery of jaffna lagoon, sri lankaRagavan, N.; Dissanayake, D.C.T.; Kuganathan, S.
2017Species composition and abundance of fishes with seasonal fluctuations of rainfall and water level in vavuniya reservoir, sri lankaPatrick, A.E.S.; Kuganathan, S.; Edirisinghe, U.
2013Reproductive characteristics of doublespotted queenfish, scomberoides lysan (actinopterygii: perciformes: carangidae), from sri lankan waters: implications for fisheries managementThulasitha, W.S.; Sivashanthini, K.
2008Reproductive biology of the whipfin silverbiddy gerres filamentosus cuvier, 1829 from the parangipettai waters (se coast of india)Sivashanthini, K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 88