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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-13First Report of Colletotrichum asianum causing anthracnose on Willard mangoes in Sri LankaKrishnapillai, N.; Wijeratnam, W.R.S.
2018Next generation sequencing elucidates cacao badnavirus diversity and reveals the existence of more than ten viral speciesMuller, E.; Ravel, S.; Agret, C.; Abrokwah, F.; Obiatey, D.H.; Galyuon, I.; Kouakou, K.; Jeyaseelan, E.C.; Allainguillaume, J.; Wetten, A.
2012-11-19Aspergillus rot of ripe mangoes ( Mangifera indica L.) var. Ambalavi, Willard and KaruthakolumbanKrishnapillai, N.; Vijayakumaran, W.R.S.
2018Differences in the gene transcription state of Botrytis cinerea between necrotic and symptomless infections of lettuce and Arabidopsis thalianaJeyaseelan, E.C.; Shaw, M.W.; van Kan, J. A. L.
2017Sap volatile components in relation to susceptibility of anthracnose and Aspergillus rot of mangoes (Mangifera indica L.)Krishnapillai, N.; Wijeratnam, R.S.W.
2018Isolation of efficient cellulase producing Aspergillus unguis UCSC324 and determination of the kinetic properties of its crude celluloseMohanappriya, S.; Kapilan, R.
2018-01Regulation of aquaporins in plants under stressKapilan, R.; Vaziri, M.; Zwiazek, J.J.
2012Inhibitory effect of some traditional hair washing substances on hair borne bacteriaTharmila, S; Christy Jeyaseelan, E; Thavaranjit, A.C
2018Identification and in vitro control of pathogen causing leaf spot disease in Centellaasiatica in Jaffna peninsulaKeshiga, A.; Jashothan, P.T.J; Jeyaseelan, T.C.; Jeyaseelan, E.C.
2018Okra leaf curl disease: an emerging threat to okra cultivation in Northern Sri Lanka.Jeyaseelan, E.C.; Sharmya, M.; Jeyaseelan, T.C.; Shaw, M.W.