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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Visible light responsive ruthenium-doped titanium dioxide for the removal of metsulfuron-methyl herbcide in aqueous phaseSenthilnanthanan, M.; Ho, D.P.; Vigneswaran, S.; Ngo, H.H.; Shon, H.K.
2007The Application of photocatalytic oxidation in removing pentachloro-phenol from contaminated waterHo, D.P.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Mohammad, J.A.; Vigneswaran, S.; Ngo, H.H.; Mahinthakumar, G.; Kandasamy, J.
2003-06Nanoporous TiO2 solar cells sensitised with a fluorene-thiophene copolymerRavirajan, P.; Haque, S.A.; Poplavskyy, D.; Durrant, J.R.; Bradley, D.D.C.; Nelson, J.
2019Multifunctionality of novel ruthenium dye (RuC) as an interface modifier for nanocrystalline titanium dioxide / poly (3-hexylthiophene) hybrid solar CellsRasalingam, S.; Pirashanthan, A.; Thanihaichelvan, M.; Mariappan, K.; Velauthapillai, D.; Ravirajan, P.
2016Optimizing the performance of cadmium sulfidecoated nanoporous titanium dioxide / poly (3-hexylthiophene) solar cellsThanihaichelvan, M.; Kodikara, M. M. P. S.; Ravirajan, P.
2012Improving the performance of titanium dioxide / polymer solar cell by introducing monolayers at the interfaceLoheeswaran, S.; Amalraj, P.A.; Balashangar, K.; Ravirajan, P.
2012-07-20Improving the Performance of Titanium Dioxide / Polymer Solar Cell by Introducing Monolayers at the InterfaceLoheeswaran, S; Amalraj, P.A.; Balashangar, K.; Ravirajan, P.
2021Synthesis of a carboxylic acid-based ruthenium sensitizer and its applicability towards Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsPirashanthan, A.; Thanihaichelvan, M.; Mariappan, K.; Velauthapillai, D.; Ravirajan, P.; Shivatharsiny, Y.
2017Enhanced Performance of Nanoporous Titanium Dioxide Solar Cells Using Cadmium Sulfide and Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Co-SensitizersThanihaichelvan, M.; Sri Kodikara, M.M.P.; Ravirajan, P.; Velauthapillai, D.
2022Roles of Interfacial Modifiers in Inorganic Titania/Organic Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Heterojunction Hybrid Solar CellsPirashanthan, A.; Kajana, T.; Velauthapillai, D.; Yohi, S.; Bentouba, S.; Ravirajan, P.