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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Visible light responsive ruthenium-doped titanium dioxide for the removal of metsulfuron-methyl herbcide in aqueous phaseSenthilnanthanan, M.; Ho, D.P.; Vigneswaran, S.; Ngo, H.H.; Shon, H.K.
2007The Application of photocatalytic oxidation in removing pentachloro-phenol from contaminated waterHo, D.P.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Mohammad, J.A.; Vigneswaran, S.; Ngo, H.H.; Mahinthakumar, G.; Kandasamy, J.
2018Adaptation of Aedes aegypti to salinity: Characterized by larger anal papillae in larvaeSurendran, S.N.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Jayadas, T.T.P.; Santhirasegaram, S.; Laheetharan, A.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Ramasamy, R.
2019Anthropogenic factors driving recent range expansion of the malaria vector anopheles stephensiSurendran, S.N.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Sivasingham, A.; Jayadas, T.T.P.; Karvannan, K.; Santhirasegaram, S.; Gajapathy, K.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Karunaratne, S.P.; Ramasamy, R.
2015Assessing Spatial and Seasonal Variations in Water Quality of the Jaffna Lagoon, Sri LankaUmapathy, A.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Saravanan, S.; Raveendran, S.
2019Risk of groundwater pollution in open dug wells in the Pungudutivu island of the Jaffna peninsula, Sri LankaPathmaja, S.; Dharmagunawardhane, H.A.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Mikunthan, T.; Rajasooriyar, L.D.
2007Cyclometallated Ir(III), Rh(III) and Ru(II) complexes as catalysts for the cyclotrimerisation of 1,6-diynes with monoynesGrigg, R.; Kilner, C.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Seabourne, C.R.; Sridharan, V.; Murrer, B.A.
2020Structural and photoelectrochemical characterization of heterostructured carbon sheet/Ag2MoO4-SnS/Pt photocapacitorKajana, T.; Velauthapillai, D.; Shivatharsiny, Y.; Ravirajan, P.; Yuvapragasam, A.; Senthilnanthanan, M.
2019Proceedings of the international conference on advanced materials for clean energy and health applications (AMCEHA 2019)Karazhanov, S.; Venkatachalapathy, V.; Senthilnanthanan, M.
2008Solid State Nanoporous TiO2 Solar Cells Sensitised with Natural DyesJaseetharan, T.; Jeyakanthan, K.; Satchithananthan, S.; Sarathchandran, S.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Sivaraya, S.; Ravirajan, P.