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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Perception of Accounting Experts on the Implementation of Integrated Reporting in Sri LankaAnojan, V.
2019Perception of Government Accountants on Current Public Sector Accounting Practices and Implementation of Public Sector Accounting Standards in the Sri LankaAnojan, V.
2018Comparative Study Between Budgeted and Actual Total Revenue, Total Expenditure of Sri LankaAnojan, V.; Nimalathasan, B.
2018Tax Revenue, Total Expense, Gross Domestic Production and Budget Deficit: A Study in Sri LankaAnojan, V.
2013Factors influencing in career choice of second year undergraduate students: a case study of faculty of management studies & commerce, university of jaffna, sri lankaAnojan, V.; Nimalathasan, B.
2014Tax Policy Changes, Tax Revenue and Budget Deficit: A Case in Sri LankaAnojan, V.
2014Tax Policy Changes and their Impact on Tax Revenue: A Case Study in Sri LankaAnojan, V.
2013Working Capital Management and Its Impact on Profitability: A Study of Selected Listed Beverage, Food and Tobacco Companies in Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri LankaAnojan, V.; Arulalan, N.; Nimalathasan, B.
2014GDP Performances, Sector’s Performances and Contribution to GDP of Northern Province during War and Post War Scenarios of Sri Lanka. (e-conference JUICE 2014)Anojan, V.
2014Liquidity Management, Capital Structure and Their Impact on Profitability: A Study of Selected Listed Beverage, Food and Tobacco Firms in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in Sri LankaAnojan, V.