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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Abnormal hepatic artery-a case reportRajendraprasad, R.; Udhayakumar, S.
1995Abnormalities in lipid metabolism with heroin addictionBalasubramaniam, K.; Vasanthy, A.; Somasundram, N.P.; Mahesparan, R.
2013Abortion in Sri Lanka: The Double StandardKumar, R.
2017Active safety monitoring of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine in the National Immunisation Programme of Sri LankaSanchayan, K.; Fernandopulle, R.; Amarasinghe, A.; Thiyahiny, S.N.; Sri Ranganathan, S.
2018Acute Pancreatitis: an extremely rare complication of etoricoxibLuckmy, S.A.; Kumanan, T.; Pratheepan, Joseph; Gowry, Selvaratnam
2020Adaptation and Validation of the Tamil (Sri Lanka) Version of the Montreal Cognitive AssessmentCoonghe, P. A. D.; Fonseka, P.; Sivayokan, S.; Keshavaraj, A.
2017Amoebic liver abscess in northern Sri Lanka: first report of immunological and molecular confirmation of aetiologyKannathasan, S.; Murugananthan, A.; Kumanan, T.; Iddawala, D.; Renuka de Silva, N.; Rajeshkannan, N.; Haque, R.
2015Aortic annular measurements in fresh post-mortem hearts: a study in Sri LankansUdhayakumar, S.; Yasawardene, S.G.
2020Attitudes and perceptions about the role of a clinical pharmacist in In-patient management among nurses at a tertiary government hospital, Sri LankaClindon, N.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Thuvaragan, S.
1986Automated feedings of rats by gastric cannulaHervey, G.R.; Sivapalan, K.; Tobin, G.
2014Awareness and perceptions on prevention, first aid and treatment of snakebites among Sri Lankan farmers: a knowledge practice mismatch?Silva, A.; Marikar, F.; Murugananthan, A.; Agampodi, S.
2020Bacterial contamination of used eye drops and knowledge on safe usage among glaucoma patients at tertiary hospital, Sri LankaNajal, Tharminy; Chandrakumar, S.T.S.; Gnanakarunyan, T.J.; Thuvaragan, S.
2014Baker’s yeast biomass production with rice as carbon and soy meal as nitrogen sourcesKeturah, I.; Balakumar, S.; Vasanthy, A.
1990BCG vaccination and development of a scarSivarajah, N.; Sivayogan, S.; Jegatheesan, J.; Gnananathan, V.
2018Betel chewing among bus drivers in Jaffna districtSelvananthan, S.; Sivaganesh, S.; Vairavanathan, S.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai
2020Beyond Numbers: Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 response, politics and peopleKumar, R.
1995Biochemical changes in Beedi smokersArasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.; Rajendra, S.; Ragavan, S.
1994Biochemical changes in heroin addictsBalasubramaniam, K.; Vasanthy, A.; Samanthy, N.; Mary Sorubiny, C.; Lakshman, P.; Arulampalam, P.K.
1989Blood glucose level in response to carbohydrate meals with varying fibre contentBalasubramaniam, K.; Seevaratnam, S.; Vasanthy, A.; Pasupathy, N.
2018Blood group AB is associated with severe forms of dengue virus infectionMurugananthan, K.; Subramaniyam, S.; Kumanan, T.; Owens, Leigh; Ketheesan, N.; Noordeen, F.