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1976-04இலங்கையும் இந்து சமுத்திர வர்த்தகமும் (கி. மு.2ம் நூ. - கி. பி. 13ம் நூ. வரை )Sathyaseelan, S.
1976-04வேற்றுமையும் சொல்லொழுங்கும்Yogeswary, G.
1976-06The Travel Pattern & Complementary Areas of the Central places in Nothern Sri LankaBalasundarampillai, P.
1976-06The Royal Consecration in Medieval Sri Lanka : The Problem of Vikramabahu I & Gajabahu IISirima, K.
1976-06Tradition, Nationalism & Nation - Building in Southern AsiaArasaratnam, S.
1976-06Empirical Buddhism & PhilosophyKalansuriya, A.D.P.
1976-06Brahmi Inscriptions of Tamil Nadu - an Historical AssessmentRaman, K. V.
1976-06The Date of Kharavela & The Early SatavahanasVerma, T.P.
1978The dissociation pressure of γ-phase titanium hydride at 20-70 degrees CSurplice, N.A; Kandasamy, K
1979-08Hindu Protestants : A Comparative Analysis of Three Indian Reform MovementsPerinbanayagam, R. S.; Chadda, M.K.
1979-08Anglo - Ceylon Writing : A Note on the Achievement of Alagu SubramaniamKanaganayakam, C.
1979-08The Tamil Purist movement : A Re- evaluationKailasapathy, K.
198024-hour urine composition of Sri Lankan adults and their response to 100 mg dihydrochlorothiazideVinayagamoorthy, T
1980The interaction of titanium films with oxygen over a wide range of pressures and exposuresKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
1980-12Sri Lanka's Commercial Relations with the outside world from earliest times to 8th century A.D.Sirisena, W.M.
1980-12The Hierarchy of Central Places in the Trincomalee District Sri Lanka.Balasundrampillai, P.
1980-12Political Associations & Political Parties of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon)Wiswa Warnapala, W.A.
1980-12Some Portuguese Attitudes to the Tamils of Sri Lanka 1550-1658Boxer, C.R.
1980-12Epigraphy & Sri Lanka Tamil Dialects.Sanmugadas, A.
1981Simplified expressions for the magnetic anomalies due to vertical rectangular prismsKunaratnam, K