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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Demographics and Psychological Factors of Individual Investors and Investment BiasTharshiga, P.; Yogendrarajah, R.
2023Determinants of share price - special reference with the hotel and travel industry in Sri LankaTharshiga, P.; Subramaniam, V.A.
2014Effect of Capital structure on share price : Listed companies in Sri Lanka.Tharshiga, P.; Anandasayanan, S.; Subramaniam, V.A.
2023Examining the Factors Affecting SMEs Performance: The Mediating Role of Social Media AdoptionSalomi, J.J.; Tharshiga, P.
2023Impact of Intellectual Capital on Stock Price with Financial Performance as an Intermediating Variable: Special Reference to Listed Companies in CSE Sri Lanka.Tharshiga, P.
2013Impact of Leverage on Corporate Profitability A Study on Listed Financial Sector in Sri LankaTharshiga, P.; Subramaniam, V.A.; Anandasayanan, S.
2022Impact of Microcredit on Poverty Alleviation: Special Reference to Trincomalee District Secretariat DivisionSampavi, M.; Tharshiga, P.
2022Impact of Socio Demographic Factors on Individuals’ Risk Attitude: A Study of Jaffna Municipal Council AreaMathanika, T.; Tharshiga, P.; Yogendrarajah, R.
2020Individual investors’ personality traits and overconfidence biasesTharshiga, P.; Yogendrarajah, R.
2019The Influence of Demographic Factors on Individual Investors’ Investment PreferencesTharshiga, P.; Subramaniam, V.A.
2021Management control system and performance of cooperative societies in Northern province of Sri LankaTharshiga, P.; Subramaniam, V.A.