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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Comparative study on organoleptic, microbiological and biochemical qualities of commercially and experimentally prepared salted and sun dried talang queen fish, Scomberoides commersonianusSivashanthini, K; Vivekshan Reval, S; Thavaranjit, A.C
2011Growth characteristics of slender silver-biddies Gerres oblongus (Pisces: Perciformes) from the Jaffna lagoon, SrilankaShutharshan, S; Sivashanthini, K
2012Growth pattern and length-weight relationship of Scomberoides lysan (Pisces: Carangidae) from the northern waters of Sri LankaThulasitha, W.S; Sivashanthini, K
2009Length-weight relationship and growth pattern of Sepioteuthis lessoniana lesson 1830 (Cephalopoda: Teuthida) from the Jaffná Lagoon, Sri LankaSivashanthini, K; Charles, G.A; Thulasitha, W.S
2009Length-weight relationship of Sphyraena obtusata cuvier, 1829 (Pisces: Perciformes) from the Jaffna Lagoon, Sri LankaSivashanthini, K; Gayathri, G; Gajapathy, K
2013Lipid changes in relation to maturation and spawning of tropical double spotted queenfish, Scomberoides lysan (Forsskål, 1775)Sutharshiny, S; Sivashanthini, K; Thulasitha, W.S
2011Lipid reserves of Scomberoides lysan (Pisces: Carangidae) from the Sri Lankan watersSutharshiny, S; Sivashanthini, K
2013Microscopic staging system used in the identification of gonad developmental stages of Scomberoides lysanThulasitha, W.S; Sivashanthini, K
2012-07-20Occurrence of Scomberoides lysan (Forsskal, 1775) (Pisces: Carangidae) in Relation to Ovarian DevelopmentThulasitha, W.S; Sivashanthini, K
2004Population dynamics of silver biddy Gerres setifer (Pisces: Perciformes) in the Parangipettai waters, southeast coast of IndiaSivashanthini, K; Khan, S.A
2012-07-20Preliminary Assessment of the Status of Commercially Prepared Salted and Sun Dried Fish Scomberoides Commersonianus (Lacepede, 1802)Vivekshan Reval, S; Sivashanthini, K; Thavaranjit, A.C
2011Proximate composition of three species of Scomberoides fish from Sri Lankan watersSutharshiny, S; Sivashanthini, K
2013Reproductive characteristics of doublespotted queenfish, Scomberoides lysan (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Carangidae), from Sri Lankan waters: Implications for fisheries managementThulasitha, W.S; Sivashanthini, K
2010Reproductive characteristics of squid Sepioteuthis lessoniana (Lesson, 1830) from the Northern Coast of Sri LankaSivashanthini, K; Thulasitha, W.S; Charles, G.A
2008Some aspects on the feeding of Gerres oblongus (Cuvier, 1830) dwelling from the Jaffna lagoonAbyerami, B; Sivashanthini, K
2011Total lipid and cholesterol content in the flesh of the five important commercial fishes from waters around Jaffna peninsula, Sri LankaSutharshiny, S; Sivashanthini, K