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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aboveground Carbon Stock and Tree Diversity in the Tropical Dry Forest of Sri Lanka.Jeyavanan, K.; Geekiyanage, N.; Iqbal, M.C.M.; Kumarathunage, M.D.P.; Sivachandiran, S.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Pushpakumara, D.K.N.G.
2021Assessment of Assisted Natural Regeneration in Anuradhapura district, Sri LankaThissara, T.R.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2018Conservation of Threaten species in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka: Biodiversity, Adaptation, Food security and LivelihoodsJeyavanan, K.; Sivachandran, S.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Pushpakumara, D.K.N.G.
2023Diversity of Underutilized Plant Species in Knuckles Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka: A Case StudyAnushka Bandara, P.H.C.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2023Effect of Assisted Natural Regeneration on Tree Diversity and Carbon RegulationRajapakshe, R.P.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Sivachandiran, S.; Venukopan, N.; Sritharan, S.
2021Floristic Diversity and Carbon Stock Estimates of a Novel Community Forest Ecosystem in Sri LankaThirukumaran, U.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2014Homegarden to Rebuild Environmental, Economic, Food and Nutritional Security in North & Eastern Provinces of Sri LankaPushpakumara, D.K.N.G.; Jeyavanan, K.; Marambe, B.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Singh, V.P.
2020Impact of an invasive species Myroxylon balsamum (L.) Harms on natural vegetation of Dunumadalawa reserve in Kandy districtNishshanka, N.A.D.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2019Prospects of homegarden agroforestry in conservation of biodiversity and increasing of carbon stock in Jaffna DistrictJeyavanan, K.; Pushpakumara, G.; Sivachandiran, S.; Weerahewa, J.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2023Socioeconomic Sustainability of Chena Cultivation in the Forested Land of Hambantota District, Sri LankaPromod, C.W.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2017Status, Importance and Future Perspective of Naa tree (Mesua ferrea) in Nagancholai Area of Dry zone of Mullaitivu District in Sri Lanka.Sasika, Y.G.S.W.; Sivachandiran, S.; Jeyavanan, K.; Pushpakumara, D.K.N.G.; Sivananthawerl, T.
2021Time Series Analysis of Rainfall Using ARIMA and SAMA Circular Model: Study from Vadamarachchi, Jaffna, Sri LankaSellathurai, T.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Sivakumar, S.S.; Mikunthan, T.; Karunainathan, T.
2022Time Series Analysis of Rainfall Using Seasonal ARIMA (SARIMA) and Sama Circular Model (SCM): Study from Vadamaradchi, Jaffna, Sri LankaSellathurai, T.; Sivananthawerl, T.; Sivakumar, S.S.; Mikunthan, T.; Karunainathan, T.
2019Vegetation Change Detection in Mullaitivu District by using Remote Sensing and GIS TechniquesRajeevan, R.; Jeyavanan, K.; Sivachandiran, S.; Sivananthawerl, T.