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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An Analysis of quality of drug prescriptions for hospitalized children : effectiveness of prescription indicatorsThiyahiny, S.N.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Sanchayan, K.; Sunantha, S.; Vamadevan, C.; Balasubramaniam, R.; Sri Ranganathan, S.
2018Association between risk factors and Developmental outcome of preterm babies at 12 and 18 months of age born at Teaching Hospital, JaffnaSasrubi, S.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Sathiadas, M.G.; Surendrakumaran, R.
2018Challenges and strategies in implementing workplace-based assessments in the Sri Lankan medical education systemSathiadas, M.G.
2016Child Abuse in Northern Sri LankaSathiadas, M.G.; Mayoorathy, S.; Varuni, K.; Sri Ranganathan, S.
2018A Child with fanconi anaemiaPuvana, A.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2016Childhood obesity : are we dealing with it appropriatelySathiadas, M.G.
2016Clinical and socio-demographic description of victims of child abuse admitted to teaching hospital, JaffnaArunath, V.; Kasthuri, T.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2017Clinical and virological characteristics of the first two outbreak of dengue in a region without a past history of dengueMurugananthan, K.; Coonghe, P. A. D.; Kumanan, T.; Murugananthan, A.; Selvaratnam, G.; Sivansuthan, S.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Ketheesan, N.; Careem, M.F.A.; Noordeen, F.
2018Clinical governanceSathiadas, M.G.
2016Clinical manifestations and microbiology of Shigella diarrhoea in children admitted to Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, Sri LankaSathiadas, M.G.; Mubarak, F.N.; Arulmoli, S.K.
2021Clinical profile of children suspected with typhus fever admitted to a single tertiary care unitGhobika, R.; Arulbavan, S.; Atchuthai, S.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2021Clinical profile of children with renal disease admitted to a tertiary care centre in Sri LankaSathiadas, M.G.; Archchana, A.; Niroshan, V.
2013Clinical,virological and immunological profiles of dengue fever in children hospitalised in the teaching hospital,JaffnaMurugananthan, K.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Ketheesan, N.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Noordeen, F.
2020Community participation during Covid-19Sathiadas, M.G.
2013Competencies and readiness for internship of the medical graduate in faculty of medicine,university of JaffnaSathiadas, M.G.
2021Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia presenting as recurrent respiratory tract InfectionsManori, Prasadani; Sathiadas, M.G.
2013Correlation between student's perception of achievement,student feedback and marks obtained at physiology end of course examinationSathiadas, M.G.; Sivapalan, K.; Sanchayan, S.
2016Crohn's disease in a childSathiadas, M.G.; Arunath, V.; Ginige, Anusha
2018Developmental outcome of the preterm babies born in a tertiary care unit, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, during first year of life by using Bayley scales of infants and toddler developmentSasrubi, S.; Vasanthy, A.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Surendrakumaran, R.
2018Developmental outcome of the preterm babies born in a tertiary care unit, jaffna, sri lanka, during first year of life by using bayley scales of infant and toddler developmentSasrubi, S.; Arasaratnam, V.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Surenthirakumaran, R.