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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Aetiology of subfertility among couples seeking treatment at a rural hospital in Sri LankaRaguraman, S.
2023Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancyRaguraman, S.; Balagobi, B.; Camilas, J.C.
2020An audit on blood pressure checking technique among pregnant mothersRaguraman, S.; Elankumaran, V.; Sivomiya, S.
2023Audit on colposcopy procedure and services: a Sri Lanka tertiary care centre experienceRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.; Sukrithan, T.
2023An Audit on endometrial biopsy assessment and follow-up: a Sri Lanka tertiary care centre experienceRaguraman, S.; Guruparan, K.
2015Borderline ovarian tumour - Case reportRaguraman, S.; Musthaq, A.C.M.; Kodithuwakku, K.A.S.U.A.; Abeyakoon, W.
2021Case Report: Rare presentation of invasive mole following term pregnancy after assisted reproductionRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.; Kabileshan, P.
2022Ectopic pregnancy following intracytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transfer (ICSI-ET)Raguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.
2022Genetics of fertility: Time to ExploreRaguraman, S.
2021Intra uterine inseminationRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.
2023Placental weight and its relationship with the birth weight of term infants and body mass index of the mothersSathasivam, R.; Pranavan, S.; Raguraman, S.; Mayorathan, U.; Munasinghe, B.M.
2020Proper documentation of cardiotocograph (CTG) : a retrospective audit in Mullaitivu DGHRaguraman, S.; Niruthan, T.; Kanagalingam, A.
2023The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pregnant WomenRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.
2022A Rare Presentation of Severe Preeclampsia with Acute PancreatitisRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.; Giridaran, S.; Guruparan, K.; Musamil Ismail, M.
2023Recommendation to Diagnose Male Factor Infertility Based on Routine Semen Analysis ResultsRaguraman, S.; Balagobi, B.; Abirame, S.; Laurence, F.; Jeyendran, R.S.
2018Seminal Hypo- and HypervolemiaBalagobi, B.; Raguraman, S.; Jeyendran, R. S.
2022A Successful Fertility Outcome after Assisted Reproduction in a Woman with Endometrial Hyperplasia without Atypia Following Progesterone TherapyRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.
2021Successful treatment of a cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy using a novel approach with oral mifepristone followed by trans cervical suction evacuation with prophylactic tranexamic acid: a case reportMuhunthan, K.; Jenil Amirthanathan, A.; Raguraman, S.; Guruparan, K.
2023Women empowerment is a tool to improve the quality of life of a community-case studyShanmuganathan, Y.; Raguraman, S.; Kumaran, S.; Shiribavan, K.