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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Association between blood groups and dengue and dengue haemorrhagic feverMurugananthan, Kalamathy; Kumanan, T.; Sivaganesh, S.; Ketheesan, N.; Noordeen, F.
2014Emerging scrub typhus infection in the northern region of Sri LankaAnandaselvam Pradeepan, Jebananthy; Ketheesan, N.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2010Enigma of emerging typhus in Jaffna-A public health challengeMurugananthan, Kalamathy
2014Hepatitis B vaccine immunogenicity among nurses of a hospitalPiratheepkumar, V.; Kulendran, S.; Nadarajah, S.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2015In Ovo Delivery of CpG DNA Reduces Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Induced Mortality and MorbidityThapa, Simrika; Abdul Cader, Mohamed Sarjoon; Murugananthan, Kalamathy; Nagy, Eva; Sharif, Shayan; Czub, Markus; Abdul-Careem, Mohamed Faizal
2014Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus among nurses in a tertiary care hospital in northern, Sri LankaUshalini, Mahalingam; Kumanan, T.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2013Occurrence of the ventilator associated pneumonia and there etiological and antibiotic sensitivity pattern in medical intensive care unit,Teaching hospital JaffnaMark Mithulan, F.J.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy; Kumanan, T.
2006Preliminary report of identification of scrub typhus in JaffnaMurugananthan, Kalamathy; Gnaneshamoorthy, J.; Thevanesan, V.
2012Study of fecal contamination in ice creams sold in moh areas of Jaffna & NallurAbhiramie, Y; Shampika, R.; Sivarajah, N.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2013Study on the recent outbreak of typhus in Jaffna districtSathiadas, M.G.; Mayoorathy, S.; Varuni, K.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2013Validity of urine microscopy,nitrite and leucocyte esterase tests by urine dipsticks in diagnosis of urinary tract infection among the patients admitted in teaching hospital,JaffnaKalaivani, M.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy; Kumanan, T.