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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Acute unilateral anterior uveitis following zoledronic acid infusion: a case reportAnandasayanan, Kiruththihan; Malaravan, M.; Suganthan, N.
2017Cilioretinal Artery Sparing Central Retinal Artery OcclusionPirasath, S.; Suganthan, N.; Malaravan, M.
2019Combined Left Central Retinal Artery Occlusion and Bilateral Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuritis: A Rare Presentation of Giant Cell ArteritisJoseph, Anne D. D.; Pradeepan, J.A.; Kumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.
2017Crouzon’s syndrome: Case report and literature reviewGajawathana, S.; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.; Selvaratnam, G.
2017Eales disease: A rare primary perivasculitis of the retinaVithiya, Ratnasamy; Malaravan, M.; Jebananthy, Pradeepan; Kumanan, T.
2023Factors associated with knowledge on self-administration of eye drop instillation among Glaucoma patients attending Eye clinic, Teaching Hospital JaffnaAmeliya Rachel, J. A.; Meera, S.; Jegapragash, V.; Malaravan, M.
2023Factors associated with practice on self-administration of eye drop instillation among glaucoma patients attending Eye clinic, Teaching Hospital JaffnaMeera, S.; Ameliya Rachel, J. A.; Jegapragash, V.; Malaravan, M.
2021Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy with Erythrocytosis: an unusual associationPiratheepan, N.; Sujanitha, V.; Suganthan, N.; Sooriyakumar, T.; Malaravan, M.
2021Macular star: an unusual sign of pheochromocytomaArujun, R.; Kumanan, T.; Selvaratnam, G.; Sujanitha, V.; Malaravan, M.; Sutharshan, V.
2020The optic fundus of secondary polycythaemiaKumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.
2018Steroid sensitive recurrent painful ophthalmoplegic neuropathy: A case reportApirami, M.; Kumanan, T.; Sujanitha, K.; Malaravan, M.
2016Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome: A rare cause for an isolated ocular nerve palsy in an elderly malePirasath, S.; Kumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.
2017An unusually late presentation of recurrent cardiac syncope in Kearns SayreDikowita, D.D.; Kumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.; Guruparan, M.
2018An Unusually late presentation of sporadic coloboma of the optic discManmathan, R.; Kumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.; Sujanitha, V.