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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Changes of resistance, work function and Fermi level during the hydriding of Zr and Sc at 295KKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
1978The dissociation pressure of γ-phase titanium hydride at 20-70 degrees CSurplice, N.A; Kandasamy, K
1984The effects of hydrogen sorption on the resistance and work-function of titanium films at 290KKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
1984-03-05Fermi levels of FCC and FCT hydrides of Ti and ZrKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
1993-05Gorsky effect consequences of lattice expansive strain gradients in diffusion of hydrogen in metalsLewis, F.A; Tong, X.Q; Kandasamy, K; Bucur, R.V; Sakamoto, Y
1988-10Hydrogen chemical potentials and phase transitions in palladium black electrodepositsKandasamy, K; Lewis, F.A; McKee, S.G
1997Hydrogen diffusion coefficient dependencies on hydrogen contents in PdAg alloysLewis, F.A; Tong, X.Q; Bucur, R.V; Kandasamy, K
1992Hydrogen permeation in stressed and strained membranes of palladium alloysTong, X.Q; McNicholl, R.-A; Kandasamy, K; Lewis, F.A
1999-08Hydrogen pressure and electrical resistivity dependencies on hydrogen content in the Pd81Pt19 Hn systemKandasamy, K; Lewis, F.A; Sakamoto, Y; Tong, X.Q
1995-05Hydrogen pressure-hydrogen content and electrical resistance-hydrogen content relationships of palladium and palladium alloy-hydrogen systemsLewis, F.A; Kandasamy, K; McNicholl, R.-A; Tong, X.Q
1999-06Hydrogen-induced changes of magnetic properties of iron-chromium multilayersKandasamy, K; Masuda, M; Hayashi, Y
1999Hydrogen-induced changes of the magnetic properties of copper-cobalt multilayersKandasamy, K; Masuda, M; Hayashi, Y
1999-08Important Gorsky effect influences on diffusion coefficients in metal-hydrogen systemsKandasamy, K; Lewis, F.A
1997The influences of induced elastic fields on permeation of hydrogen in palladium and palladium alloysKandasamy, K; Lewis
1995-06Influences of self-induced stress on permeation flux and space-time variation of concentration during diffusion of hydrogen in a palladium alloyKandasamy, K
1980The interaction of titanium films with oxygen over a wide range of pressures and exposuresKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
1982The interaction of titanium films with water vapour over a wide range of pressures and exposuresKandasamy, K; Surplice, N.A
2002-06Lattice strain gradient effects on hydrogen diffusion parameter calculationsLewis, F.A; Kandasamy, K; Tong, X.Q
1993-06Lattice strain gradient influences on steady-state rates of hydrogen permeation through membranesLewis, F.A; Tong, X.Q; Kandasamy, K
1982The phase boundaries of the H-Er, H-Sc and H-Yb systems at 295K deduced from changes of film resistanceSurplice, N.A; Kandasamy, K