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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Larval Development of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Peri-Urban Brackish Water and Its Implications for Transmission of Arboviral DiseasesRamasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.; Jude, P.J.; Dharshini, S.; Vinobaba, Muthuladchumy
2014Molecular characterization of the malaria vector Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp in Sri LankaGajapathy, K.; Jude, P.J.; Goodacre, S.L.; Peiris, L.B.S.; Ramasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2022Morphological and odorant-binding protein 1 gene intron 1 sequence variations in Anopheles stephensi from Jaff na city in northern Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Laxshi, K.; Jayadas, T.T.P.; Kokila, S.; Tharsan, A.; Nimasha, L.; Eswaramohan, T.; Raveendran, S.; Singh, O.P.; Ramasamy, R.
2016Mosquito vectors developing in atypical anthropogenic habitats: Global overview of recent observations, mechanisms and impact on disease transmissionRamasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2017Population genomics reveals that an anthropophilic population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in West Africa recently gave rise to American and Asian populations of this major disease vectorCrawford, J.E.; Alves, J.M.; Palmer, W.J.; Day, J.P.; Sylla, M.; Ramasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.; Black IV, W.C.; Pain, A.; Jiggins, F.
2011Possible impact of rising sea levels on vector-borne infectious diseasesRamasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2012Pre-imaginal development of Aedes aegypti in brackish and fresh water urban domestic wells in Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Jude, P.J.; Thabothiny, V.; Raveendran, S.; Ramasamy, R.
2022Reduced dengue incidence during the COVID-19 movement restrictions in Sri Lanka from March 2020 to April 2021Surendran, S. N.; Nagulan, R.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Arthiyan, S.; Tharsan, A.; Jayadas, T. T. P.; Raveendran, S.; Kumanan, T.; Ramasamy, R.
2022Reduced dengue incidence during the COVID‑19 movement restrictions in Sri Lanka from March 2020 to April 2021Surendran, S.N.; Nagulan, R.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Arthiyan, S.; Tharsan, A.; Jayadas, T.T.P.; Raveendran, S.; Kumanan, T.; Ramasamy, R.
2018Salinity tolerant Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus—Infection with dengue virus and contribution to dengue transmission in a coastal peninsulaSurendran, S.N.; Veluppillai, T.; Eswaramohan, T.; Sivabalakrishnan, K.; Noordeen, F.; Ramasamy, R.
2012-11-22Salinity-tolerant larvae of mosquito vectors in the tropical coast of Jaffna, Sri Lanka and the effect of salinity on the toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis to Aedes aegypti larvaeJude, P.J.; Tharmasegaram, T.; Sivasubramaniyam, K.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Kannathasan, S.; Raveendran, S.; Ramasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2007Socio-environmental factors and sandfly prevalence in Delft Island, Sri Lanka: implications for leishmaniasis vector controlSurendran, S.N.; Kajatheepan, A.; Ramasamy, R.
2019Susceptibility to common insecticides and detoxifying enzyme activities in Anopheles sundaicus (sensu lato) after cessation of indoor residual spraying of insecticides in the Jaffna Peninsula and its surroundings in northern Sri LankaKokila, S.; Weerarathne, T.C.; Thileepan, A.; Parakrama Karunaratne, S.H.P.; Ramasamy, R.; Surendran, S.N.
2008Use of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus, for the control of mosquito breeding in water storage tanks in the Jaffna district of Sri LankaSurendran, S.N.; Kajatheepan, A.; Jude, P. J.; Ramasamy, R.
2011Variations in salinity tolerance of malaria vectors of the Anopheles subpictus complex in Sri Lanka and the implications for malaria transmissionSurendran, S.N.; Jude, P.J.; Ramasamy, R.